100% fresh fruit

Fresh fruit all year round

We are an export and sales fresh fruit company, with ample knowledge in both the origin and destination local markets: Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia; our expertise gives us a leading edge that guarantees a successful grasp of the international market and makes us the reliable, solvent choice for your needs. 

We are committed to satisfy the demand of fresh fruit from farm to table: from its harvest in the country of origin until it is made available to our clients, always under the qualified and certified observation from all competent entities and authorities.


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Safety and control of the supply, quality in the processing of the product.

We break away from the seasonal nature of supply.

Annual Schedule

Break away with seasonality  

No Matter the season

We work a conventional and an organic fruit yearly program, it allows us to work all year round. We export to the USA, EU and China from Peru, Morocco and Spain.






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100% Fresh Fruit

We are committed to the quality and freshness of our produce. Perfect for consume, it helps guarantee a healthy diet and lifestyle. We also support health improvement policies advising an increase in the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

We comply with the most strict control standards to ensure maximum levels of quality in our fruits, and we have been certified by the most prestigious organizations.

To complement our offer, there’s also a line of organic fruits available.

Sustainable development

We are partners with ADEX, Perú’s Export Associated Enterprises, and we contribute to generate a sustainable, innovative development cycle. Our objective is to boost peruvian international trade with a social and environmentally responsible approach.

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+34 629151135




SPAIN Calle Doctor Verneau, nº1. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canarias. 35001 ES.

PERU Calle Madrid, nº425 Dpto. 302, Miraflores, Lima 15074, PE.

MOROCCO 410 Boulevard Zerktouni Residence Harad Appt Nº1. Casablanca, MA




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